Paul - "End of the Line" or "Time for Land"

We are back home.  Not Home, home.  But we are back in the good ole USA.  


Paul - "Finding Conch" or "Blue Hole"

We are probably going to be sitting in this spot for a few days, waiting on some string winds to pass. We have been having a great time.  We dinghied over to Hoffman Cay and hike a short distance to a blue hole. The island is made of soft limestone and there is a swimming hole with a great jumping cliff about 25-30' up.  We jumped and jumped.  It was a lot of fun.

Paul - "Beautiful Bahamas" or "My Name Is Jimmy, I'm Taking All Of You To A Party"

We had been tucked in behind White Cay for a night.  It was very rolly.  So we decided to tuck back a little deeper to await the approaching "significant weather event" approaching the Bahamas.  We looked at trying to outrun it.  But it is coming too fast.  No problem.  We are safely behind Devils Cay. The name is not fitting at all. It is beautiful.  Google map it.

Paul - "Better and Better", or "Crazy Lightning Storm"

There were plenty of times in Key West, when the repairs and insurance situation dragged on and on, that I really thought we might not make it to the Bahamas.  The time was getting short, the delays continued, and so many doubts went through my mind.  "Will there be a timely weather window for the crossing?" "Is it worth the multiple travel days to get to the Exumas with such a short time left for our trip?"  "How much time do we need to allot for tucking the ole girl in upon return to Ft Lauderdale?

Paul - "The Berrys" or "Lots and Lots of Conch"

Here we are in the Berrys.  Instead of extra travel time to the Exumas, we just decided to stay here in the Berrys.  We have been waiting out a bit of weather on the lee side of Great Harbor Cay.  Tomorrow we will head out to run down the east side and plan to drop the hook next in the lee of White Cay. Lots of beaches, shells, conch and a blue hole to explore in that area.  


Laura - It's Coming to an End (Thursday, May 30th)

Here we are living the last day of our “cruising life.”  We’re anchored off an uninhabited island, Devil’s Cay, in the Berry Islands.  There are three other boats anchored here with us, all waiting out the storm so we can get on our separate ways.  We were hoping to find other cruisers while here in the Bahamas, and it took a good storm to bring us all together for a week tucked into a safe anchorage.  Having friends nearby during stormy days makes it a whole lot more fun.
I have such mixed feelings today.

Elle - We Have Arrived

WE HAVE ARRIVED and wow what a good feeling!
Laeto Loco was splashed on Thursday May 7th at 10am and we went out for a final shakedown and test sail to calibrate the brand new auto pilot. That night we stayed tied up to the dock at the boat yard until the following morning around 10 when we slipped the lines and headed out. Pulling away from the boat yard was a remarkable feeling, we knew we would never be back and none of us have any desire to return.

Paul - "Finally the Bahamas" or "Amazing Colors"

We are here!! We have been talking about the Bahamas since leaving our last destination nation, the San Blas Islands.  Of course, we made some great stops along the way, Providencia, Roatan, and of curse (Course?) Key West.  But they were intended to be stops along the way to rest and refit.  Not destinations.  The Bahamas has been the “next destination” since early February.  Now we are here!!
We had a great sail from Key Largo.

Laura - Lazy Bahamas Cruising Days - May 14th

Seems all of the boat projects have been completed and now we are truly relaxing and enjoying our days.  We arrived in the Bahamas on the morning of Sunday, May 12th.  Paul went into Alice Town, Bimini and checked us in (only the captain could go ashore until this was complete).  From there we sailed about twelve more miles to get to an anchorage, North Cat Cay.  Once there, we went into relaxation mode, and haven’t really come out of it yet.
It’s now Tuesday evening, May 14th.  We spent all of yesterday playing.

Paul - "Bahama Bound" or "Everything is Working!"

Well, we are off. We just slipped our lines out of Key Largo.  We had only just arrived this morning around 9 am after a 23 hour sail from Key West.  It felt really good to be out on the water again.  Until the weather alerts came in unexpectedly, again and again.  It was all to the north of us.  But when the radio puts out a screeching alarm then kicks over to the weather channnel with an automatically dialed up gets your attention.  

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