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Paul - Three pounds to spare

Here we are, the time that I knew would be the worst part of the entire travel day.  I knew later we would have a tough travel day.  I knew we would have four airborne legs of the trip, two overland legs across towns (one of which I assumed would be by foot with all of our luggage), and finally one waterborne leg by water taxi to our boat. But here I am standing in line dreading the worst part of the day.  The weighing of the bags.

ELLE - Reality Sets In

As reality sets in, I come to realize that this first month is not going to be how I pictured it to be, AT ALL. When I thought of how the trip would be it did not necessarily include rain all the time, bugs constantly biting, humidity, and no sun for the entirety of the month. The first night we got here we came and dumped our bags on the boat, looked around, then headed for the cantina for a drink and a bite to eat. I noticed the no-see-um bugs right away and assumed it was just a bug that was out at night like mosquitoes at the lake.

LAURA - We're on a Boat!!!

Yeah!!!  We’re finally here.  After days of packing, unpacking, repacking and then starting all over again, we left Indiana Monday afternoon and arrived in Bocas Del Toro on Tuesday afternoon.  We made our way to Bocas Marina and I’ve now woken up to my second morning on the boat.  Yesterday was full of unpacking all the very important stuff we decided to haul here on our backs.  After a few hours of that, when everyone was ready for a break, we took the water taxi into town to do some exploring and shopping.  To my great relief, I discovered a store w

The Boat Is Within Our Reach


Das Boot (The Boat)

Ahh, the boat.
The time is definitely nigh to get our boat. The house is sold, so we have a bit of cash to put down. Now it is time to finish the search and actually purchase a boat.  We believe the boat will prove to be a very key element to actually taking a boat trip.
We have it narrowed down to just a couple of boats.

Our House is Sold!!


Well, today was the day.  We had a "walk-through" at 10:00 and then at 11:00 was the closing. 

First Blog - Location- Fort Wayne

OK. Here is our first real blog entry. 

The Home sale continues as it does for hundreds of thousands in the United States...unproductively.  Unfortunately, everything does not always go easily and exactly to our plan.  So we are taking it in stride and reminding ourselves that "our plan" is not always His plan. 

About Our Adventure

It's only fitting that our first blog post should give a little background on us, and why we're embarking on this adventure!

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