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Laura - My Sister is Coming (Written 1/24/13)

"Mom, only 25 more days."  "Mom, only 24 more days and they'll be here."  "Hey Mom, now it's only…"  And then this morning I heard "Mom, only 3 more days and they'll be here."  Yeah, the count down of days until Ali and Paul will be here has gotten down to three days (it's late afternoon, so now I could even say it's just 2 1/2 more days).  We're all so excited for the visit.  This place is so amazing and I can't believe I get to share it with them.

Paul - "Dirty Diesel" or "What an Incredible Place!"


Paul - "From the Hot Tub to the East Lemmons", or "The Friendliest Cruisers"

We are just leaving the area called the hot tub.  It is right around the corner from the "swimming pool".  The swimming pool is one of the most popular anchorages (at times as many as 12-15 boats) because it is a good sized area that is around 20' deep with white sand bottom.  Like a postcard.  But e were around the corner, in the hot tub.  like a smaller version of the swimming pool, except 6-8' deep and a bit smaller.  (the name is fitting) We spent 2 night and a day

Laura - A Kuna Dance Competition???

We had the good fortune to tour a Kuna village and then attend a traditional Kuna ceremony over the last couple days.  What an interesting experience it has been.  
Our friends from Catalyst, Rob and Sue, told us about a dance that would be taking place on Isla Maquina on Saturday, January 19th.  They were told that it would be a competition between dance groups from different islands.

Elle - My Future Plans

Wow, this trip has made me realize that I never want to leave the water. I feel like it is home already and it's been just 4 months. I have no idea what I would study next year, I also have no desire to leave this life I am living now. I have a solution, MY PLANS ARE TO WORK ON A YACHT NEXT YEAR! Yeah, it's crazy, I know, but what else would you expect being Paul and Laura Veldman's daughter. My life has never been exactly 'normal'.

Claire - School Really Stinks

I never realized how much I loved Luers until I got the full Brigham Young Homeschooling experience. For those of you who have never gotten to experience this great endeavor, I strongly recommend you avoid it. So many people said it wasn't all that bad, just get it done in the morning and you have the rest of the day off. That's not entirely the case for me, for one it's about 1000 times harder than normal school so I constantly am asking Mom and Dad for help but it's not like they just sit around all day.

Paul - "Geckos With Babies" or ""Claire the Chef"

We are still working on the tuna we got the other evening.  We had tuna pizza with Kuna bread crust.  Very tasty, Laura and Claire did an awesome job putting that together…just winging it really.  Claire also made a delicious carrot cake.  We bought a few carrots from a Kuna that came out with veggies in his boat.  Claire has been spending more and more time in the galley.  She made some amazing salt-water bread in the pressure cooker, cakes, cookies and plenty of dinners.  We just might have a chef on board. 

Paul - "Opening Coconuts" or "The Beauty of San Blas"

Lately we almost always have coconut meat/chunks on the counter or table.  They are sure easy enough to find and we learned the easiest way to carve out the actual nut (with a machete). So once in a while we gather some coconuts, spend some time opening them, and then remove the meat.  We also save the milk and use it in cooking mostly (as the liquid in pancakes, in our coffee, today I added it to the gravy with some flour to thicken it), to get the vitamins out of it.  Although, no one is a huge fan of the milk plain.

Laura - Water and a Kuna Yala Village

We had a chance to walk all around a Kuna village today, and boy was it interesting!!!  We had to go to an island named Soledad Miria to fill up our water tanks, and the village there seems to be quite a traditional village.  We got to the anchorage yesterday around 3:00, but when we arrived a Columbian supply boat was tied up to the dock.  We anchored out and then Paul and Adam took the dinghy ashore to find out when the supply boat would be leaving - not until the next morning.

Our Apologies

To those of you who take the time to email us but do not receive a reply, we wanted to say thank you and to apologize.  We have very limited internet down here and it's often not available at all.  So, while we really love to hear from you and look forward to checking for new emails, it's often not possible for us to reply.  Thanks for your note though.

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