Laura - Hooray, Hooray, We're on Our Way!!!

We just slipped away from the dock in Key Largo and are now on our way to the Bahamas, our final playground before this amazing adventure wraps up.  
During our short stay in Key Largo we met with our broker, he photographed and videoed the boat, and it is now officially listed as for sale.

Laura - Not Much Longer Now

At long last, things are really coming together for us.  All of the boat repairs are complete, the topsides are painted, and our splash date is scheduled – 10:00 am on Thursday, May 9th. 
By Thursday we will have been in Key West for nearly 8 weeks, we thought it would be only one week, or possibly two.  Never did we dream it could turn into 8 weeks.  We’ve had ups and downs, frustrations and fun.

Laura - What's Going On

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog, mostly because I don’t feel like there’s much to write about lately.  We’re feeling pretty stuck here in the boatyard, it’s been four weeks now – so much longer than any of us dreamed we would be here.  At first we were hopeful things would go quick and we’d be on our way.  Then we got grumpy and discouraged and it felt like there was no end in sight.  Lately though we’ve decided to make the best of things.

Life on the Hard... Can be so Hard!

Uggg!  I’m really tired of living in the boatyard.  It’s been three weeks tomorrow and I’m very anxious to get out of here.  It’s an interesting place, I’ll give it that.  But not interesting in the sense of great adventure, or amazing sights.  More in the sense of people are so crude, and there’s dirt everywhere, and the noise never stops.
“Help me.  F*!#* me.  F*!# you.  F*!# this.  Help me.

Paul - "You've Got To Be Kidding!?" or "Our Boat Just Was Hit By A Car!"

Yep, just like the title says; we were hit by a car.  A hit and run, but we were able to chase down the driver.
Let me back up a bit.  Our boat is sitting on land right now. We are in a boatyard to do some necessary maintenance.  So the boat has been picked up by a crane and set onto some wooden blocks.  There are dozens of boats in the yard and there is a good bit of vehicular, crane and forklift traffic.  
Last night we were all hanging out together, watching a movie (, are people in LA angry).

Claire-I Can Do All Things

This blog was written and updated real-time while sailing without knowing what was to come

Paul - "Quick Trip to Home Depot" or "Everything Takes Long"

Nothing happens quickly while cruising.  Laundry in the San Blas Islands was an all day affair.  Gather all the clothes, and stuff them into some giant waterproof bags, so they don't get loaded with salt water enroute. Then pump some air into the dinghy. Load the bags and dinghy ashore.  Lug the huge bags to the "well".

Paul - "The Wonderful SSB" or "Friends On The Air"

I wanted to talk a bit about the rough passage we had and how much our SSB helped us. For those that do not know, SSB stands for Single-Side-Band radio. Basically a ham radio. The waves travel very far bouncing off the stratosphere.  Ours worked on the boat when we purchased it, but failed as soon as we left Bocas (it may have been a lightning storm that came through)  It still powered up and seemed as if it wanted to work.

Claire - "Act III, Act III, Laeto Loco"

The sailing community is incredible, we have met so many amazing people! On our very first night of our adventure in Bocas del Toro we met Bill and Heidi on Act III. While still in Bocas they had visitors, Bill's son Ben and his girlfriend Rachel. We quickly got to know them, too! Rachel taught yoga in the marina every Sunday morning and we all really enjoyed that! On our first sail ever on Laeto Loco we had Ben and Rachel come along with us for a day sail around the islands!

Laura - The Longest Day

Quick Reference - I am writing this while on watch from 2-3 a.m., Thursday, March 14th.


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