Elle - Stranded At Sea

… Yeah, I have heard about it happening to people, but seriously you have wind, sails, and an engine, you can at least make something happen! We found out the hard way that you can't always, "just make something happen."


Paul - "Veldmans are Safe" or "Veldmans are Safe"

I just waned to let everyone know we are all safe and sound in Key West, FL.   It was a tough sail from Honduras, taking almost twice as long as we had hoped.  

The weather was tough, but we made it. Safe and sound, back on the ground.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers while we were out there.


Paul - "Really Bad Weather" or "The Longest Day"

I had purchased the Sea Anchor hoping it was a waste of money.  The same as I did with the liferaft.  "I'll never need this".  It was $500 of insurance, we would never need…I hoped…and believed. Unfortunately, I was wrong.


Paul - "Beyond a Squall" or "Waiting on Weather"

We are still in Roatan.  We were planning on leaving on Mar 1 or 2, but it will be probably another week.  There is a problem with the weather.  Apparently, there is a serious cold front that just moved through the U.S.

Paul - "Paul's on his Soapbox Again" or "Monkeys, Macaws and Zip lines"

First of all I have to say I love AutoPilot.  It is kinda like a cruise control for boats, except that it steers as well.

Laura - Storm Preparation

There are so many things we've had to learn along the way during this adventure, even something as simple as how to prepare for a storm.  At home that meant making sure the windows were closed and the outdoor toys were picked-up.  Just a simple task of securing our stuff.  I suppose it's basically the same principle here, but the details get much more involved.

Paul "Roatan" or "Land of Conch and Lobster"

Roatan is known for its spectacular diving.  It is easy to see why.  The last couple of days we were in French Cay (pronounced KEE) harbor and the lobster were unbelievable.  They were everywhere and huge.  It is a protected area with a $15000 fine for poaching, so we had no problem just looking, although our mouths were watering in our snorkels.  

Paul - "Providencia" or "The Land of Honey"

Providencia, Columbia is worth talking about again.  This small island (you can drive completely around on a moped in an hour) is pretty cool. The people are by far the friendliest I have encountered so far.

Paul - "Roatan" or "The Land of Milk and Honey"

Here we are in Roatan.  It is one of the Bay Islands of Honduras.  Kinda touristy.  Apparently there are a lot of cruise ships that dock on the other side of the island. Which is why we are on this side.  I don't want to sound snobbish, but the way islands cater to tourists is amazing.  Anything in walking distance of the cruise ship docks is full of trinkets, souvenirs, bars, etc and everything is much higher priced than just a mile or so away.  


Paul - "Flying the Spinnaker" or "Downwind Run" (written 2/12/13)

It seems as if most of our sailing lately has been into the wind.  On our 59 hour leg from San Blas to Providencia, it was as close to the wind as we could get the entire way. This is a pretty unforgivable point of sail.  Since we are hand-steering, if you loose your concentration for just a little bit and turn into the wind the boat ends up in "irons". Irons is a term that means facing the wind, therefore having no steering, driving etc.  Any time of day someone is sleeping as they have just come off shift or are just getting ready to go on.
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