Elle - My Christmas Vacation

Ahh home at last. It is so refreshing to be back on the boat after being gone for 20 days! It was a wonderful trip home, it was great to see family and friends. I wouldn't have traded it for anything, yet I do LOVE my home away from home - Laeto Loco. 
I left home on December 11th and went to stay two nights in Panama City, Panama. I flew out on the 13th and had an uneventful trip home for the most part. The only glitch was having a VERY short layover in Houston, TX where I had to clear customs, recheck my luggage, and make it to my new gate.

Paul "KIng of Analogies" or "Holy S@#$"

I was once told I was "the king of Analogies".  Now that is not the title I would choose for myself.  I would take "King of Generosity", "King of Philanthropy" or even "King of the World" (at which point I would shorten it to just plain "King" or maybe "King Veldman" so as not to be mistaken in history books for Elvis.  Because if I was king of the world, I would have to concern myself with how the history books interpret my legacy.

Laura - An Unusual and Uniquely Wonderful Christmas

Well, I wasn't sure how Christmas would feel for us out in the jungle, but in the end it was truly wonderful.  We have many holiday traditions and for this one year we set them all aside and let the adventure take us where it would.  While many facts worked together to completely change the "Christmas feeling" for us - it was hot and sunny, there were only four of us together, there were no wrapped gifts under a tree, we wouldn't be rising early to rush downstairs to see what Santa had left under the tree - in the end I experienced a very Christmasy fe

Adam - Crossing the Canal

Sorry - no pictures for now.  We're working off limited internet for now.

Paul - "Through the Canal" or "We Forgot Our SPOT"

Well we found a way through the Panama Canal….we went with another couple on their boat. You do not take your boat through the canal just to say you have done it. The cost ~$1500-1800 is substantial.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Luckily we are all still here - despite the Mayan Prediction!!!

Laura - Now That's A Big Sailboat!

 As you all know, the boat the five of us are traveling on is quite small in the boating world - 37 feet long only.  We've gotten quite used to it and it doesn't even seem all that small anymore.  Well, for the past couple days Claire and I have spent our time on a different boat - a really, Really big boat.  The crew of Sarissa, a 140 ft long carbon fiber monohull, needed some help with finishing up ta

Paul - "Painting" or "Elle is Gone"

  We continue to work on the boat every day. We had a couple of days of WET, WET, WET weather. Almost nonstop rain. Even when there was a small break, there was no drying out. The boat started to feel pretty soggy. If we go anywhere, we come back soaked. There is no great place to dry everything out. We hang it up, run some fans, but it just bumps up the humidity in the boat. But today was different. Sun (with only a couple short sprinkles).

Paul - "Still on the Hard" or "Everyone Has A Gun"

Life is sure different here on the hard.  We are all ready to be done with it, and get back into the water.  We all miss the water. The marina is nice, but we all want to leave and get back to our morning swims, fishing, sailing, and seeing the cool stuff we came out here to see.

Claire - Crossing the Panama Canal

I know what your thinking, that's so cool you got to go through the canal…well not exactly go through, we literally crossed the canal but driving over the drawbridge! Gotcha! Although we do want to go through there is just not need or time for us to take our boat through. The wait time is anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks, it is a 2 day process to get from one side to the other. It would cost about $1,500 to go one way for a boat our size.

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