Elle - Life in Shelter Bay

Life on the hard is very different than life in the water. We are at Shelter Bay Marina now to get a new bottom job (paint the bottom). We will be on the hard for one week total and things are going well so far. There are so many more people at this marina than at the Bocas Marina and the scenery here is much more entertaining as well. We are right off of the Panama Canal so there are always HUGE boats passing by. 

Adam - Shelter Bay Marina

When we bought our boat it was in Bocas Marina.  When we first got there it surprised me how many boats there were.  Once we got sailing we saw Red Frog Marina with even more boats and a few mega yachts and it once again surprised my how much all those boats must have cost but it was nothing compared to Shelter Bay Marina.  In Shelter Bay there are four docks and together they probably have more boats than Red Frog and Bocas Marina combined.  When we first came in we drove up to the dock and tied up.  W

Paul - Our First Overnight Sail or Family Shower Time?

I thought I should write a little more about our first big sail. We went from Bocas del Toro to Shelter Bay Marina at the entrance to the Panama Canal.  Now, never having taken my own boat to sea through the night with my equally inexperienced family, I feel it goes without saying…I was a little nervous.  Maybe scared would be a better word, but I don't like to admit to being scared of most things so we will stick with "a little nervous" (no matter how understated it is).  

Paul - Cool Fort or Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys

I went for a run today. As I mentioned yesterday, we are on old Ft Sherman, an American base from Canal digging days to around 2000. They taught Jungle Warfare here for decades, and it is a great example of jungle to be sure.  


Paul - We Are Here or A Long Time Without a Blog

Well, it has been a long time without a blog for me.  Sorry, if you missed them.  Most likely no one noticed.


Laura- Better Than Anagada

 Ever since I travelled to Anagada in the British Virgin Islands I have been convinced that it is probably my favorite place on earth.  Today, I stand corrected.  Yesterday we sailed to Escudo de Veraguas, Panama and have been awed ever since.  It's an island less than 3 miles long and about a mile at its widest.  Only one side of the island, the west side, is inhabited by just a couple families of fis

Laura - Buy, Bye Bocas

 I wrote a quick blog this morning before we set sail, but now I have time to elaborate on the preparation and the farewells involved.  Getting ready to go has been quite a process.  List after list has been created detailing all that needed to get accomplished in order for us to say our final goodbyes.  Each morning as we ate breakfast together we would go through the task list to

Laura - Leaving Bocas

  Well, after more than 2 1/2 months, we're leaving Bocas today, most likely to not return.  Both engines are running and even starting at the push of a button thanks to the diesel mechanic Jeff and some kind cruisers on Drifter.  The generator is generating power.  The water pump is pumping.  All systems are go, which means it's time for us to go.

Claire - Let it Rain

Written on Sunday, November 25


Adam - Dinghy Days

When we came to Bocas we found our 15 horses of freedom (the dinghy) in pretty bad condition.  If you sat on it white powder would stay on your shorts, it was coming apart at the seams, and the motor had been sitting unused for two years.  The first step was to get the dinghy's motor running which, lucky for us, was a fifteen horse two stroke yamaha and since it was a two stroke it started right up after we put it on

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