The Boat

Here it is! Our new floating home!
A Lagoon 37 TPI
Built in 1993 in Roade Island by Tillotson Pearson Inc (now known as TPI Composites)

The Boat parked at the Marina, Bocas del Toro, Panama

The layout.  3 Cabins-with 2 queen beds forward and one double bed aft. The boat is facing to the left, the 2 yellow rooms are the heads (bathrooms).

Twin 27hp Yanmar diesels (one in each hull) give adequate power and excellent maneuverability

Here are some things on the boat that make life easier

A watermaker! Seawater to Fresh delicious drinking water at 8 Gallons an hour.  This is an incredibly freeing device.  There are many areas where water is plentiful.  Then there are beautiful, undeveloped areas like the San Blas islands that make this device so wonderful as fresh water can be hard to come by.  It also allows longer stays at beautiful deserted beaches and islands.

Our FM, VHF and SSB radios.  These allow us contact with the outside world.  Severing from cell phone service can be both liberating and very very difficult.  These soften that blow.  They also help us get weather, email and provide a valuable link to fellow cruisers which are an incredible group.

A BIG, BIG anchor.  This oversized (45lb CQR) achor helps the boat stay put even when the wind kicks up.  Dragging across an achorage in the middle of the night is never good.  Wondering whether the boat is moving in a blow while you are ashore getting some groceries is no fun either!

A Wind generator. The trade winds blow fairly consistently.  The gentle hum on this small windmill means free electricity for us. 

Ah, the Dinghy (and the 15hp Yamaha that goes with it).  As it is a much less expensive life at anchor, the dinghy is our reliable little shuttle to land, the grocery, the dive site, lobster gathering, conch hunting, to any "neighbors" at anchor, to the secluded beach...get the point.  The dinghy is very important.

Some interior shots.

The Dining room, the Family room, the Living room, the home theatre.  This seating area represents the bulk of the interior common space.  We spend a lot of time in this area, together.

The Galley (kitchen) and some of the beautiful teak.  The galley is well equipped with a water purifier, 3 burner stove, large refrigerator/freezer (to hold all the fish we catch), and even a seawater pump at the sink to allow us to wash dishes with seawater and do a freshwater rinse- further conserving water.

The two forward cabins both have queen beds. The reading lights and a fan for everyone help make make it a nice space. Although the gentle rocking helps us sleep very, very well.

The Outdoor Space

The helm. Lots of time spent here while on watch.

The cockpit. The table used to eat many, many meals with the sunrise or sunset in the background.

The trampoline. Not very bouncy, but very comfortable to rest on while feeling the breeze.

So, there it is.  The Boat. 

Laeto Loco.  Our home at sea.