Paul - "Bahama Bound" or "Everything is Working!"

Well, we are off. We just slipped our lines out of Key Largo.  We had only just arrived this morning around 9 am after a 23 hour sail from Key West.  It felt really good to be out on the water again.  Until the weather alerts came in unexpectedly, again and again.  It was all to the north of us.  But when the radio puts out a screeching alarm then kicks over to the weather channnel with an automatically dialed up gets your attention.  

Anyway, it felt great, although the light winds were on the nose, so we had to motor sail most of the way.  Pulled in at 9 am, spent some time tidying the boat so we could meet with our boat broker, and have him take some photos for our For Sale add.  A quick dip in the pool, trying to enjoy the creature comforts of a marina...our first time in a slip since we left our spot in Panama.  Then it is off.

The boat is looking great.  We had several people ask us about the paint.  It felt nice, and made us all feel even better about Laeto Loco. We have spent a lot of time in the yard lately as you probably know, and we were productive while there.  We have done a lot to the boat, and have it looking and working great.  We started months and months ago with a pretty long list of things to fix, install, clean up etc.  With Bahamas being our last stop we made sure to get them all done so we can just play and relax while there.  

Tonight should be uneventful.  At least we hope.  That is why we are leaving so quickly after getting here in Key Largo.  Weather looks great, with winds from the South to SE. If anything it should be a little boring....perfect.  We are still all tired from the last few frantic days in the yard, getting the last of things done, splashed, calibrate the new electronics, say our goodbyes (we have made some really good friends here), say goodbye to ACT III, who we have been together with since the San Blas Islands and have known since our very first day in Panama.  That was a tough goodbye. Then load up and do a 23 hour sail to Key Largo.  Make entry into a new port and tie up. Clean the boat.  Meet with broker. Refuel, rerig the boat for cruising (we had taken a lot of stuff off for the "photo shoot", some dinner and now at 8pm we are off.  Hoping to make landfall at 2pm tomorrow. It has been a tiring couple of days.  

But now it time for the much anticipated Bahamas.

I promise I will be better about blogging.  The boatyard just saps your spirit. That is my only excuse.