Laura - Lazy Bahamas Cruising Days - May 14th

Seems all of the boat projects have been completed and now we are truly relaxing and enjoying our days.  We arrived in the Bahamas on the morning of Sunday, May 12th.  Paul went into Alice Town, Bimini and checked us in (only the captain could go ashore until this was complete).  From there we sailed about twelve more miles to get to an anchorage, North Cat Cay.  Once there, we went into relaxation mode, and haven’t really come out of it yet.
It’s now Tuesday evening, May 14th.  We spent all of yesterday playing.  We blew up some rafts and floated for a while.  We spent a good amount of time swimming to get exercise, just doing laps around the boat for ½ hour.  We laid-out on the trampoline and laid in the hammock to read.  Then we went into hunter-gatherer mode and gathered up 8 conch off the ocean floor.  We bathed off the back of the boat and Elle made dinner, chicken and cheese quesadillas, for all of us.  We then squeezed onto our bed and watched The Last of the Mohicans.  
As evening came on the weather changed, a cold front began coming through.  We were originally hoping to spend one night around here and then work our way to the Exumas. When we checked the weather forecast with Chris Parker, the weather guru, he warned us about the cold front, told us we could make it if we hurried, and sounded pleased with our decision when we told him we would stay put to wait out the front.  
So, here we are, waiting out the cold front.  The islands here are very quiet, not many other cruisers around.  The waters are amazing!  I can’t believe how colorful the waters are.  I knew that from when we were here before, but it’s incredible to see it again.  The conch is plentiful.  As I said, we collected 8 yesterday and Paul just gathered up 6 more today.  He just finished cleaning them, Adam tenderized them, and now we’re going to marinate them so we can make conch fritters tomorrow.  Yum, I love conch fritters.
Today was completely relaxing as well.  I didn’t sleep well last night because of the high winds and wave action.  Paul didn’t either, so this morning we moved about 4 miles to an anchorage on the west side of the island, more protected from the winds.  It was a bit chilly today, so we spent most of the day inside the boat.  Claire and I worked on her English class together.  I read a bunch of my book.  I baked beer bread and banana bread.  Now we’re all freshly bathed and talking about taking the dinghy into the island for some pictures.  
We spent a bunch of time today talking about how fun it would be for the five of us to do a trip like this again in 25-30 years.  Sounds like a crazy amount of time to be planning, but that’s when all three kids could do it again.  Paul and I would get a boat and they would each get a boat for their families.  It’s so fun to dream about and everyone seems to like the idea.