Elle - We Have Arrived

WE HAVE ARRIVED and wow what a good feeling!
Laeto Loco was splashed on Thursday May 7th at 10am and we went out for a final shakedown and test sail to calibrate the brand new auto pilot. That night we stayed tied up to the dock at the boat yard until the following morning around 10 when we slipped the lines and headed out. Pulling away from the boat yard was a remarkable feeling, we knew we would never be back and none of us have any desire to return. All the workers there are kind and friendly but the place just reminds us how much time it took to repair the damage from the storm and how much work we put into the boat and the repairs. Also the boat yard is associated with the lost time we wanted to be spending in the Bahamas.
From Key West we had a 23 hour sail North and East up the Keys to Key Largo. We arrived in Key Largo just before sunrise on the 11th and were tied up in the marina (first time back in a marina since we bought the boat in Bocas, Panama) by 10:30am. From the second we were secure it was time to work. We cleaned the boat from the inside out and top to bottom to show how great it looks when clean because the broker was coming at 1pm for pictures and videos to list on his website as For Sale. 
After he left we finished up doing laundry, had a QUICK dip in the pool, showers, and we headed off for what we thought would be a relaxing dinner before we planned to leave around 1am that night. As we sat down to dinner and waited for our food to arrive we realized it was silly to relax for a few hours more then leave at 1am when we had no daylight to navigate by. We asked our waiter for the meals in to-go boxes and we rushed to get the boat ready to leave. By 8pm we were yet again slipping the lines and on our way to the BAHAMAS!
We all took three hour shifts through the night and arrived in Bimini by 10:30 am today, May 12th. The water colors here are breathtaking and beautiful! As I look out on the horizon I can see at least 20 different shades of blues and greens that all blend together perfectly. 
It is such a good feeling to be here at our final destination and cleared into yet another country. One month left, time to make the most of this month!!!