Paul - "The Berrys" or "Lots and Lots of Conch"

Here we are in the Berrys.  Instead of extra travel time to the Exumas, we just decided to stay here in the Berrys.  We have been waiting out a bit of weather on the lee side of Great Harbor Cay.  Tomorrow we will head out to run down the east side and plan to drop the hook next in the lee of White Cay. Lots of beaches, shells, conch and a blue hole to explore in that area.  


We have been working on some boat projects.  Cleaning, shining, and just making the boat something we can be proud to hand over to the next adventurous spirit that will purchase her.  The weather has been very squally since we made landfall here.  Nothing serious (today we had a 37 knot, 1 hour squall). Just enough to  be fun, since we are at anchor.  We can see it form on the horizon, watch it approach closer and closer.  See the wind indicator numbers climb higher and higher and then watch the rain hitting the water and then pelting the boat.  We rock and roll for a while then it all calms down again.  We can always use the fresh water wash down!


Love the conch in the Bahamas.  Lots of them.  There are areas where they are virtually nonexistent, then there are areas where I cannot believe the numbers are sustainable.  We sailed today with some new friends that Elle and Claire made.  A group of 5 guys, early-twenties, who came over on their boat to fish for 2 weeks (a break between college and work). We took them sailing today, because it was too rough for them to fish.  Tonight we are going to their condo for a fish/conch dinner.  


It is a pretty good life out here on the ole Barco.  I can't believe it is coming to an end so soon.  I have been with my family every day for so long, eaten all three meals together…done everything together.  I can't believe I will be pulling 24 hour shifts at the Fire Dept  (actually a lot of 48 hour shifts to help pay for this trip!!).  Such is life.  It has been so great to watch them grow.  Elle pulled the boat into a slip today.  She was so calm, as if she has been doing it all her life.  She docked it so perfectly, one of the Marina workers commented on her skills.  Claire has gained so much confidence, she handles well beyond her years.  Adam is so good with all the boat stuff.  The other night, I was very tired and fell asleep reading around 7 pm.  Adam made sure the generator was run, batteries good, hatches all closed up for the night, etc.  I woke up around 1 am, and my first thought was that I had needed to run the generator.  Now I was going to have to run the generator, for an hour or so, stay up or set my alarm to shut it off and then back to bed.  Nope.  Adam had taken care of everything.  How awesome is that?


Going to go enjoy the crystal clear waters for a bit.