Paul - "Beautiful Bahamas" or "My Name Is Jimmy, I'm Taking All Of You To A Party"

We had been tucked in behind White Cay for a night.  It was very rolly.  So we decided to tuck back a little deeper to await the approaching "significant weather event" approaching the Bahamas.  We looked at trying to outrun it.  But it is coming too fast.  No problem.  We are safely behind Devils Cay. The name is not fitting at all. It is beautiful.  Google map it. We are about 100 yards to the west, about midway between the north and south ends.  Lots of protection from the coming western storm, beaches to explore, some rocky shore to find plenty of conch, and wide open shallow banks behind us.  We dropped the hook in 7' (at low tide…around 10' at high tide), with a completely white sand bottom.  The anchor grabbed tight and we are all set for a couple of days.  We were doing some projects today.  Cleaning up the boat.  We want to feel good about what we are handing over to the next owner. When we sold our house, it may have been the cleanest it had ever been.  It drives the kids nuts, but I just explain that we are not going to turn over a dirty boat that needs attention.  So we polished stainless, painted, made a plumbing repair, that we had ignored for way too long, waxed and cleaned up a couple of lockers.  Suddenly a fishing boat pulls up with a local guy at the helm.  He said "My name is Jimmy, I'm taking you to a party.  It is Chester's birthday.  You gotta come"  Within a couple of minutes we were in the boat heading for Chester's.  Chester is the son that took over Flo's Resturant. It is a famous restaurant in the Bahamas. I had wanted to make it there, but didn't think time and weather were going to allow it.  So they were gathering up people to come to the party and have a free feast.  Now I love free stuff…free food, awesome.  We ate turkey, ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, and some rum punch (the punch, unfortunately was not free). We met a bunch of other Americans that are in the area, and found out some details about the NBA finals (we didn't even know who was playing…let alone that it is Indianapolis).  Then Jimmy gave us a ride back.  


The trip in here to Devils Cay was interesting.  Elle and I went in the dinghy to scope it out first thing this morning (it was very rolly last night)  We were at high tide while we were looking, and found a route that didn't dip below 7.5 feet. So we zipped back to the boat where Laura was just pulling cinnamon rolls out of the oven and told everyone that we should go right now. Everyone sprang into action.  The anchor was up, and we were off in under two minutes.  Elle and Claire led in the dinghy with the hand held depth finder and picked our route through the shallow areas and rocks.  We made it without incident, and this spot is so unbelievable. 


I know I have said it in another blog, but I am so glad we didn't give up in Key West and end our trip there.  It was so tempting sometimes, but we knew it would end the trip on a bad note.  I did not want that.  I am so glad we are here!!!